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September 12, 2021 | Learn Italian (Varietals)... with BOTTAIA | Anna Maria Giambanco DiPietro

Rosé Spumante

Featuring notes of strawberry, lime zest, and mouth-watering raspberry, this vintage was pressed gently, then fermented cold and slow to retain the terroir of our vineyards. 2020 was an even ripening year with hot weather later in the season; this led to higher natural acidity in the grapes that were perfect for sparkling wine. Don’t let its rose-colored hue fool you—this is a dry, aromatic, complex sparkler that’ll pair perfectly with many a meal this summer. Click here for a short video featuring this bottle of bubbles.

What is Spumante?

Spumante is an Italian term for sparkling wine. The root word “spuma” translates into “froth” or “fizz” in English. Spumante may be produced anywhere in Italy using any wine grape. It’s actually a category of wines that are frothy and fizzy once the bottle is popped, due to the carbon dioxide created as a byproduct of fermentation. Contrary to popular misconceptions, Spumante is not a sweet wine designation.

Since this series is all about vino Italiano, I thought I’d point out a few more fun Italian words for sparkling: scintillante, sfavillante, and effervescente. Now, you’re ready for wine trivia night!

Winemaker Notes

Our Rosé Spumante is a dry, vibrant medium-bodied rosé that gives your tastebuds a mini-tour of our vineyard. We harvested our Fiano, Pecorino, and Montepulciano grapes whole cluster early in the season while the acidity was high in order to produce a top-notch sparkling wine. We went direct to press and left the Montepulciano on the skins to give it a brilliant, pink hue.

Each of these grapes provides a different flavor profile; the Fiano yields aromas of honeydew while the Pecorino gives lime zest. Lastly, the Montepulciano delivers a raspberry finish. When all of these flavors are combined, the result is a delicate, yet complex, sparkling wine.

Pairing Notes

When it comes to pairing a sparkling rosé, the sky’s the limit. Since these wines have experienced maceration on red grape skins, they’ve got a bit of body, allowing them to hold up nicely alongside a broad range of eats. Don’t fret, the fruity notes and heavier mouthfeel (vs. a white sparkler) won’t overpower most foods. Serve our Rosé Spumante with burrata, pizza, risotto, BBQ, and literally anything fried and fatty. Hosting a happy hour this week? Set out a simple fruit and cheese platter and add a tray of chocolate-covered cherries—you’ll be glad you did!

Ready to visit us and flaunt your knowledge of all things Rosé Spumante? Make a tasting room reservation or inquire about our Bottaia Wine Club by clicking here or calling (951) 365-3388. We look forward to seeing you soon. Saluté!


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