Anna Maria Giambanco DiPietro
March 21, 2022 | Anna Maria Giambanco DiPietro

BOTTAIA Breaks it Down: Sustainable, Slow & Steady




BOTTAIA proudly crafts high-quality Italian varietals using sustainable viticulture practices and modern winemaking techniques informed by Old World traditions. But have you ever wondered how we go about it all?




We firmly believe that great wine doesn't come to fruition without great fruit, sustainable practices, and amazing talent in the fields and cellar. From planting and grafting vines to pressing and fermenting juice, our approach is mindful and the results are balanced, expressive Temecula wines.

Our red wines are fermented in oak vats or concrete tanks at our state-of-the-art facility, then aged in large-capacity oak casks for at least two years. After this, our reserve wines are aged in the bottle for an additional two years. Some of our whites are fermented in concrete, which imparts minerality and balances the natural vibrant acidity of late-ripening Italian white varieties.

Fermenting in oak and concrete imparts flavors and aromas that aren’t present in wines that are fermented in stainless steel tanks. The BOTTAIA winemaking team keeps a watchful eye over fermentation temperatures, maintaining the inherent qualities that are expected of each varietal.

From sustainable methods like conserving water in the vineyards and maintaining soil health to respecting local wildlife and ecosystems, we strive to maintain equilibrium on our steadfast path to crafting the finest wines possible.

As responsible stewards of the land with a focus on sustainability, we believe that we're making better wines. Book a reservation to taste with us in Temecula Wine Country, and if you have any questions, feel free to email

We look forward to hosting you!

Bottaia Winery was recently featured in an article on Redfin by content writer, Jenna Hall. Bottaia Winery Manager, Sharlee Martin, shares her knowledge on how to protect and store your unopened wine bottles safely. Be sure to read the entire article here.



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