Autumn Allocation

Billing: Sept. 4th  |  Shipping: Sept. 5th |  Available for Pick Up: Sept. 5th - Nov. 6th 


Featured Autumn Allocation Wines  

Vintner's Select 
(1) Dolcetto 2014
(1) Montepulciano 2014
(1) Caldare Reserve 2014
(1) Vermentino 2016
Red Wines Only  
(2) Dolcetto 2014
(2) Montepulciano 2014
White Wines Only  
(2) Caldare Reserve 2014
(2) Vermentino 2016




Please note: Specific shipment wines are only guaranteed during that shipment month. If a wine is no longer available at the time of pick-up, we will replace it with wine of equal value. Wines of lesser or greater value will either be credited or charged the difference. Please view our Shipping Policy for more information.

2019 Wine Club Schedule 

February | Spring Allocation

Billing: February 1st 
Will-Call: February 6th - April 7th
Shipping: Begins February 6th 

May | Summer Allocation

Billing: May 1st 
Will-Call: May 3rd - July 3rd 
Shipping: Begins May 6th 

September | Fall Allocation

Billing: September 4th
Will-Call: September 5th - November 6th 
Shipping: Begins September 5th (Weather permitting) 

December | Winter Allocation 

Billing: December 2nd  
Will-Call: December 4th - February 5th, 2020
Shipping: Begins December 4th (Weather permitting)

Dates subject to change.

Please note: 
If your wine is not picked up during the will-call period, we will ship your wine to your address on file and your card will be billed applicable shipping fees & tax.