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April 14, 2021 | Learn Italian (Varietals)... with BOTTAIA | Anna Maria Giambanco DiPietro

Learn Italian (Varietals)... Vermentino

Spring is in the air, so let’s take a look at our 2017 Estate Vermentino. This bottle quickly became a fan favorite thanks to its balanced minerality and fruit components emanating from the decomposed granite soils Temecula Valley is known for. With notes of sea salt, honeysuckle, jasmine, vanilla, and orange blossom, it’s sure to please newbies and wine enthusiasts alike. We harvested this beautiful fruit at the end of August 2017 and fermented it slow and cold in stainless steel.

Our winemaker, Don Crank III, says “The 2017 Bottaia Vermentino begins with orange blossom and jasmine aromas flowing from the glass. The wine opens right away in the mouth with a lush texture that is expansive and inviting. The generous texture blends synergistically with the gorgeous citrus and floral notes to give the impression of sweetness if only for a few moments.” 

He goes on to share, “The following moments bring a refreshing counterpoint to the sweet middle of this dynamic wine as the wine is resolved by the bracing sensation of bergamot orange peel. With all its similarity to marmalade's bitter, sour, and sweet taste sensations, the perfect pairing would have to be simply foie gras and toast points.” In closing, Mr. Crank says "This is such a complex white wine. . . I suspect we will continue to be surprised at how it becomes more sophisticated with time in the bottle.” Sound good to you? Read on to learn a bit about the Vermentino grape. . . andiamo


2017 Vermentino


About Vermentino

A light-skinned grape found primarily in Liguria and Sardinia, Italy, Vermentino (vur-men-teeno) yields wines that are light, refreshing, and aromatic. Those who enjoy Sauvignon Blanc will love this bright, acidic varietal. Dry with salty and crushed rock mineral tendencies, it’s a lively, invigorating wine. The yellow-amber grapes hang in funnel-shaped bunches with pentagonal dark green leaves. Although it’s thought to have originated in Spain, Vermentino grows throughout the Mediterranean, Australia, and California. This grape definitely thrives in sun-drenched, warmer climates—after a long, windy winter, that’s something we can all relate to.


While it will certainly enhance most seafood dishes, why not chill a bottle and pair it with this crab and artichoke salad or pan-seared asparagus, tossed with peas and fennel? Looking for a quick cheese pairing for Vermentino? Goat cheese, feta, ricotta, and pecorino make for excellent partners. Serve a bottle or two alongside a cheese plate and grilled veggie platter for your next patio happy hour and say goodbye to those mid-week doldrums.

2017 Vintage Notes

Block 44 Vermentino on the eastern edge of our property grows gorgeous fruit. The berries of this varietal are particularly suited to the Temecula terroir.

Two and a half tons of Vermentino grapes came to wine production late in August 2016. We fermented them in stainless steel and kept them on their lees (fermentation byproduct) for a little longer to give this wine some additional richness. Only 154 cases of this vintage were produced.

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