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May 24, 2021 | Behind the Wine | Anna Maria Giambanco DiPietro

Celebrate National Wine (Vino) Day... with BOTTAIA

Learning About Wine

If you’re looking for an approachable and easy way to learn about the history of wine and winemaking, look no further than Wine Folly. They’ve even set up a page dedicated to a brief illustrated history of wine that’s fun and informative. 

It may be a bit overwhelming when you first get into wine. Sweet, dry, semi-dry, dessert wine, to chill or not to chill. . . we get it, it’s a lot of information. The best way to get acquainted with various wines and wine terminology is to get out there and start tasting. Wine stewards and sommeliers can help by sharing their professional guidance as you go about sampling. Our BOTTAIA tasting room staff are more than happy to assist when you visit and we welcome all of your questions. Remember, in the end, the best wines are those that you like best!

Need some inspiration as to how you can celebrate National Wine Day? At BOTTAIA, we’ve got you covered!


Ways to Celebrate National Wine Day:

  1. Order this wine trivia game and throw a National Wine Day trivia party. Which grape is known for its crisp and citrus taste? Which part of Italy does Chianti come from? You'll learn how to order better wines with confidence—fun and educational? Sign us up. 
  2. Host a wine decorating/crafting gathering. There are so many DIY and craft ideas out there utilizing corks and empty bottles. You could make wreaths or coasters out of corks, and use cute LED lights to turn empty wine bottles into lamps. The possibilities are endless, so have fun!
  3. Make a reservation to taste at BOTTAIA Winery. Enjoy the best vineyard views in Southern California with alfresco tasting! The Bottaia Deck overlooks the vineyards extending as far as the eye can see. All of our wines are available for purchase by bottle, glass, or flight.
  4. Order up a few bottles of our 2019 Blush—balanced and bright, this vintage offers notes of strawberry, Anjou pear, lime zest, and minerality on the nose, Add a cheese board, and you’ll be ready for an at-home tasting party. While you’re at it, join our BOTTAIA Wine Club so you’ll never miss out on our fine wines.

Thanks for reading and we hope you’ll let us know how you’ll be celebrating National Wine Day this year! Don’t forget to make a tasting room reservation today or inquire about our BOTTAIA Wine Club by clicking here or calling (951) 365-3388. We look forward to seeing you soon. Saluté!


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