2021 Nero d'Avola

Unleash the 2021 Nero d'Avola—an explosion of flavor that ignites the senses! This wine boasts a perfect dance between med-high acidity and full-bodied richness, leaving your taste buds on the edge of excitement. The attractive ruby hue, tinged with a purple undertone, sets the stage for a show-stopping visual.

Dive into the bold notes of cacao, blackberry, plum, delicate violets, clove, pepper, and black currant, with a distinct volcanic black soil minerality. The gripping blackberry jam quality takes center stage, leaving an indelible mark with its abrupt, yet unforgettable, short finish. Our 2021 Nero d'Avola is not just a wine; it's a bold and explosive adventure for those seeking an electrifying flavor experience. Cheers to the wild ride of Nero d'Avola!

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Wine Specs
Nero d'Avola
Temecula Valley AVA
This wine is young and vibrant now, will age for years to come. Can cellar for 5+ years to allow to develop into a mature smooth wine.
Bottling Date
Dec 2022
Alcohol %
Wine Profile
Tasting Notes
Captivating aromas: cacao, blackberry, plum, delicate voilets, clove, black currant, black soil minerality (volcanic), has a gripping blackberry jam quality then abrupt short finish.
Production Notes
Fruit was harvested at peak ripeness to balance acidity with sugar content. The vineyard is still young and developing, we will see larger yields as time goes on.
Food Pairing Notes
Rack of lamb with chimichurri, rich pastas with bolognaise sauce - it's high acid and tannin content make it worthy of any steak cut on the fattier side.
Other Notes
Hails from Sicily and known for dark soil (volcanic) qualities